About us

Aletheia (pronounced Ah-Lay-The-Ah) Web Design is a local Easley company that offers web hosting, web and graphic design, and website maintenance. Aletheia Web Design can be reached at 864-414-6968.

In addition to basic HTML web design, Aletheia offers many different web applications such as database driven photo galleries, discussion forums, blogs, calendars, e-news programs, online stores, and shopping carts. Aletheia produces information driven websites that have an ease of navigation and are optimized for search engines.

Aletheia Web Design Company started in 1998 by providing honest web design service as a ministry to local churches. Aletheia Web Design took a small but growing church, meeting in a warehouse in Easley, and built and grew them a world-class web ministry that was reaching hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world and was getting 2.5 million hits per year by 2004. Also, in 1998, Aletheia Web Design built a successful website for an online log home business that also yielded high annual traffic. Because of their success in building high traffic websites, Aletheia has since diversified to serving businesses of all kinds.

Although their focus has shifted to serving businesses, Aletheia Web Design still caters to non-profit organizations, ministries and churches. Sam and Traci Lawrence own and run the company. Sam is the primary web designer. He is also an ordained minister and offers many syndicated live web feeds to churches. In June 2007 the South Carolina Baptist Convention named Sam the “Bi-vocational Minister of the Month.” Mr. Lawrence is available for speaking engagements. He is currently involved in church planting in SC.

Mr. Lawrence has over 26 years experience in graphic design and photography, coupled with over 13 years of web design and programming. Traci Lawrence has over 15 years experience teaching English and grammar and she serves as co-owner and Editor for Aletheia Web Design.

The latest addition to the web design team Is Skye Lawrence, a high school student apprentice. Skye has a natural ability toward web building, especially in the area of social networking programs like Facebook. Anthem Lights Christian band recently called Skye their “hero” for her promotional work for their band on Facebook.

Aletheia Web Design built the current Easley Chamber’s website at www.EasleyChamber.org and has maintained it weekly since December of 2005. The board of directors of the Greater Easley Chamber of Commerce selected Aletheia Web Design as “Business of the Month” for November 2006. Since Aletheia assumed responsibility for the Chamber website, the Chamber’s web traffic has grown steadily. They average several million hits per year. Before Aletheia began doing the Chamber website, they averaged less than 100 online visits per day. Thousands of people annually use their online form to request information about Easley and the upstate of SC.

The Easley Chamber is just one example of the successful websites Aletheia has built and maintained since 1998.

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